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Construction Site Security


Construction Site Security

Construction site Theft and Vandalism cost Australian builders over $1 Billion a year. This is expected to rise as thieves take advantage of empty construction sites during covid and the upcoming holiday seasons.

High-cost machinery theft costs $650 million annually in Australia. Meanwhile, about $140 million of plant equipment is stolen from construction sites each year.

Good construction site security and supervision are essential during residential & commercial construction projects when expensive materials and equipment are present on the construction site.

Theft and/or vandalism not only results in a lot of extra costs, but they also cause delays. Which ultimately means that your projects will be delivered later than anticipated.

Theft and vandalism statistics in Australian Construction Industry

  • 39% of residential builders were affected by theft or vandalism. 
  • 65% of theft victims and 66% of vandalism victims had experienced more than one incident. 
  • The risk of theft and vandalism generally rose with increasing numbers of staff and the amount of annual turnover.
  • The risk of theft and vandalism also rose when the building site was in/close to an urban area.
  • On average, the value of property stolen by theft was $2,009.
  • Instances of vandalism cost on average $1,156 to clean up.
  • Less than 25% of stolen equipment is recovered

How to secure your construction site

Every construction site is different and would require a different response. SecurT helps analyse security risks from the type of construction project, the construction location, the number of people that have access to the construction site and the amount of support needed for those present on the site. It is important to identify potential risks and plan accordingly.

How do I prevent theft and vandalism on the construction site?

Preventing theft and vandalism is a combination of three different factors: people, process, and technology. There are many technical resources available to help you bump up your security such as:

  • Security cameras
  • Onsite security guards
  • Mobile security patrols

Do I need to hire a Security Guard for my Construction Site?

Depending on your situation it may be necessary to have someone present on the construction site whose focus is to tour the site to check that everything is still in order. These professionals regularly check if the fences are still well in place, make sure that the detection measures are still working and ensure that all security systems are on alert at the end of the working day.

Construction Site Options

1: Construction site checkpoints

You can effectively keep undesired people out of your construction site if you use the proper security measures. Every phase of the construction project is different and as such, every phase requires a different kind of security. While fencing can be employed during the foundation phase, the final phase when expensive materials are used may require more extensive security measures. Strategies include anti-lift security or access gates with extra security.

You can determine for yourself the number of security measures that you must utilise by asking yourself a few questions

  • Does the construction location entail additional security risks?
  • Are there a lot of people who need access to my construction site?
  • Are we working with expensive products?

2: Construction Site Security Guards

Having a physical presence prevents trespassers, thieves and vandals from accessing your construction site and maintaining high visibility across all your assets.

3: Construction Site Mobile Patrols

Regular patrols provide a visible deterrent against crime. Depending on the size of the premises and requirements of our clients, it’s often not possible or financially feasible to have static guards.

 Our security patrols are cost-effective and can be scheduled to suit your needs. Providing on-call physical presence at your business and can quickly respond to alarms and incidents on site.

 Our goal is to have you covered day and night so you can focus on your business.

4: Installing Security Cameras & Fencing

Barbed wire atop your fence not only makes climbing the fence practically impossible, but you also effectively deter people with bad intentions. It is an affordable and effective solution.

Other options include Security Cameras at key vantage points. Having a mixture of cameras and signage provide a significant deterrent to potential criminals. Studies show Crime decreased by 13 percent in areas with security cameras compared to control areas.

5: Getting your Assets and Expensive Materials out of view

Don’t tempt thieves and vandals by publicly exhibiting all the expensive materials present on your construction site. Using covers such as tarpaulins to conceal goods prevents would-be thieves from identifying opportunities.

6: Providing Signage

Having high visibility signage deters would be offenders from entering a premises. Most intruders recognise legitimate security signs and don’t want to take the risk of breaking into a property that is protected by a security system.

Secure your construction site with SecurT

How do you ensure that your construction site is protected from theft, vandalism, delays and extra costs?

Get in touch with our specialists who will review the construction site and your specific situation in a consultation that is completely free of charge. We will go through a step-by-step plan and identify security options and provide a transparent quote.

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We have been using SecurT's services for the past year and we can't be happier. They have provided us with security services. We have been very well looked after and Shallhob has always been there to provide the best Customer Service. We highly recommend their security services to local and interstate businesses for their efficiency and work ethic. Wishing them the best during difficult times of Covid.

City Edge North Melbourne Apartment Hotel

SecurT Protection is my go to for Security Guards and Officers to protect my property. To say the least I have been very impressed. I've had guards at my residence and they work well. The quality of guards at the company are far more experienced and trained. They are highly recommended and the owners are personally involved in all of my jobs.Great company, very professional and trained for any circumstances! Will use again!

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We had the pleasure of using Shalhob and his team for our corporate event, it was a seamless experience. Keep up the good work !!

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