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SecurT provides professional security services 24/7- 365, ensuring our customers receive the high level of service they deserve. Our 24/7 National Operations Centre has the ability to respond to both planned and reactive requests, with resources available for additional emergency staffing as required by our customers.

The SecurT team utilises the latest technology to ensure efficient deployment of security officers and patrols. The majority of ad-hoc requests that we receive are fulfilled within an hour, with our team actively communicating with customers to keep them up to date regarding the status of the request.

We’ve created efficient processes to ensure that we have the appropriate systems in place to manage a range of incidents, ensuring escalation points are adequately covered. Our advanced rostering system supports our ability to dispatch the best suited personnel for each request, as well as cover surges in demand. Our extensive range of specialist security services includes:  

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Alarm Response Services in MELBOURNE

SecurT Alarm Response services are coordinated through our 24/7 National Operations Centre located in Melbourne. We provide comprehensive response coverage through our national alarm response network. Our Alarm Response services combine advanced technology with skilled response teams to ensure that our customer’s premises are protected 24/7.

In the instance of an alarm activation, we’ll ensure a fast and reliable response, ensuring a full on-site investigation is conducted, with a detailed report provided to you.

Have peace of mind knowing that your premises are protected with our high-tech Alarm Response services.Melbourne

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Customer Service Officers

Our Customer Service Officers provide a high level of service, ensuring the safety and security of both facilities and people. Their range of skills includes security guarding, concierge, customer service, access control and perimeter security and patrol.

Our Customer Service Officers pride themselves in providing friendly and efficient customer service, while maintaining a presence. They will ensure the security of assets and personnel, conduct foot patrols, respond to incidents and more.

They’re trained to interact with key stakeholders including emergency services, building management, security officers  and client representatives, ensuring professional customer service standards at all times.

Have a friendly face providing essential customer service on your premises.

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Asset Protection

Assets are a prime target for criminals due to their high value, so we provide professional security guards to protect your assets 24/7-365. Our Asset Protection Officers are highly trained and skilled, as well as equipped with the latest tech to ensure your assets and property are completely protected. Our Asset Protection Officers guard all types of high value business assets and equipment for a range of industries and locations including, the construction industry, shopping malls, building sites, industrial premises, warehouses and more.

Guard valuable property and assets with our professional Asset Protection services.

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Security Services

Our security services provide complete peace of mind for our customers. Having security guards on-site ensures the safety and security of your premises, employees, equipment and customers. The securT team provides 24/7 security guard services to a range of businesses, as well as residential properties. Our security guards are highly skilled and trained to deal with all types of scenarios, including emergency situations.

Have peace of mind knowing that you have a security expert on-site at all times with our security services.

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Loss Prevention Officers

Our qualified and trained Loss Prevention Officers will protect your business or secure your site from losses due to theft, scams and other vulnerabilities. The securT team works hard to minimise and prevent retailers, wholesalers and distributors from losing tens of thousands of dollars of stock, assets and property each year.

Gain access to skilled security experts with our Loss Prevention services.

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Patrol Guards

We take a unique approach to providing patrol services to our customers. Our Patrol Guards are highly trained, experienced and have an eye for detail; nothing is missed by the securT Patrol Guards.

Our Patrol Guards have been trained to not only react, but to identify potential risks before they occur. They’re equipped with the latest tech, and supported by 24/7 National Operations Centre team. With experienced resources at the touch of a button, they’re adequately supported to respond to any situation, including urgent requests 24/7-365.

Have the most experienced professionals protecting your premises with our Patrol Guard services.

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BMS Monitoring

Our building management system (BMS) monitoring services provide digital solutions for controlling and monitoring a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power and fire systems, and security systems. We use intelligent systems to monitor and control every aspect of your building to ensure it runs smoothly, as well as to ensure a safe and secure environment is consistently maintained.

No building is too large or small for the securT team, so get in touch to find out more about our smart BMS Monitoring services. 

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Contractor, Employee, and Visitor Escorts

We provide professional Contractor, Employee and Visitor Security Escorts for a range of businesses and locations, such as government offices, highly secure premises, airports and more. Our security escorts are highly trained security experts who will ensure both the safety and security of those they’re escorting, as well as the facility and the individuals within. They will maintain visual and auditory contact and control over those being escorted at all times, as well as close proximity to prevent the disclosure of classified information, materials and/or equipment.

Ensure your facility, information and those within are secure with our Contractor, Employee and Visitor Escort services.

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Event Services

Our comprehensive Event services provide a wide range of security and management solutions for events of all types. Our solutions cover both pre-event, including risk assessment and event management planning. As well as on-site services including crowd control, emergency evacuation, high risk crowd management, major event security, vehicle and bag inspection, pedestrian traffic flow and traffic management.

Ensure your next event runs smoothly with our professional Event services, ensuring a safe and secure environment for both staff and guests. 

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Chief Warden & Emergency Evacuation

Safety is our priority, that’s why we provide professional Chief Warden and Emergency Evacuation services to meet a range of needs. Emergency management is key to ensuring a safe environment, so we provide fully trained Chief Wardens to lead your team of Wardens. Their scope includes developing emergency evacuation procedures, preventing emergencies, leading emergency and evacuation training, including fire drills and more.

Ensure your workplace or commercial space is adequately prepared with our Chief Warden and Emergency Evacuation services.

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Traffic Management

We provide efficient and reliable Traffic Management services that can be specifically tailored to your needs. We both supply and manage quality, cost effective Traffic Management solutions to a range of businesses, including event management, construction and service industries. The securT team works closely with private entities, councils and road authorities to ensure the safe and controlled movement of motorists and pedestrians on public access, around work sites and on private premises by using temporary traffic signage and accredited traffic controllers.

Ensure both pedestrian and vehicle traffic are efficiently supervised with our Traffic Management services.

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Screening Services

Get the most thorough Screening services in Melbourne with securT. Whatever your requirement, we provide a range of intensive Screening services to meet your needs. Our Screening experts have been trained to provide exhaustive security screening for all environments, including commercial spaces like airports, shopping centres and government premises, as well as a range of occasions like large events, concerts and more.

Prevent any unwanted items being brought onto your premises or into your event with our detailed Screening services.

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We specialise in providing Concierge services for both residential and commercial premises. Our concierge staff not only provide offer exceptional customer service, they’re also skilled communicators who present themselves to the highest standards. They’ve been trained to adapt to any environment, and deal with any situation in a friendly and respectful manner. They take the time to understand our customer’s needs, so they can provide tailored services at every opportunity.

For the finest Concierge services in Melbourne, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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All our personnel are exceptional in the provision of traffic services made possible through our ongoing training programs ensuring their qualifications and credentials remain up to date and in line with industry standards. OH&S and First Aid facilitators regularly brief our staff of the industry’s code of conduct and requirements.

We ensure your customers, guests, employees, patients, residents, patrons or students have a great experience.
Our clients trust us to manage single premises to a national portfolio of buildings and facilities, with full operational responsibility.
From long term infrastructure planning to day-to-day services, we aim to make your buildings and facilities smarter, greener, safer and more efficient.
We deliver to our client’s requirements whether that be single service, multiple service or a public-private partnership. Our comprehensive facilities services include:
Accommodation management
Asset lifecycle management
Car park management
Cleaning and housekeeping
Concierge & mailroom
Energy efficiency and environmental management
Event management
Fleet management
Food service
Grounds and gardens management
Facility management
Linen, laundry and uniform services
Maintenance services
Mechanical and electrical services
Patient management
Pest control
Security services
Strategic asset management
Venue management
Waste management