The use of security guards within businesses all across Australia is rapidly rising, not only due to rising crime rates in particular areas, but also due to the current focus on risk management and the duty of care corporations must provide to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their staff. As one of Australia’s best private security providers, when you partner with SecurT, you can be confident that your employees, customers, and property will all receive the highest level of protection. However, there are many companies out there that provide inferior security services, which means there are many misconceptions about security personnel. Here we will take a look at five of them.  

Security Guards Aren’t Well Trained

It’s often thought that almost anyone can work as a security officer, and that all it takes is just some basic training. The reality is that high-quality security guards undertake extensive training in a wide variety of subjects including emergency procedures, legal restrictions, tactical skills, and conflict resolution. When you choose a premium security services provider such as SecurT, you can expect highly trained security guards who can respond efficiently and appropriately to wide range of security problems and anticipate security issues before they even occur. Expertly trained to recognise, and deal with volatile people and situations calmly, our security guards are also trained comprehensively to choose the right response to almost any situation. 

Woman Cannot Be Security Guards

While men dominate the security profession, women now make up a considerable amount of the workforce. That’s because women bring a wide range of excellent attributes needed to make a great security guard, including outstanding observational skills, the ability to stay attentive, focused and calm under pressure, and strong communication skills. Contrary to widespread belief, you don’t necessarily need to be big, muscular, and intimidating to be a great security guard. De-escalating confrontations and preventing crimes can be achieved by being an observant, and confident person. Additionally, muscular security guards are not appropriate for every application or setting. Some businesses and corporations prefer average-sized people who can blend in seamlessly, remain undetectable, and avoid drawing attention. 

Security Guards Don’t Have Good Customer Service Skills

Today’s modern security guards aren’t just trained to respond to security threats. They’re also trained to interact positively with customers, employees, and visitors, build rapport and relationships and even perform concierge duties and provide a high level of customer assistance. Of course, in any industry and profession you may find inadequately trained or experienced individuals who don’t take pride in their work, however, all SecurT personnel are friendly, professional, courteous, and happy to go the extra mile to provide impeccable customer service that will reflect your brand or image positively. 

Security Guards Can Handle Any Problem

Whilst security guards are highly trained to deal with a wide variety of security issues, they cannot be expected to handle every possible situation. They can’t always go it alone – for the best security systems, guards should work in conjunction with technology such as CCTV and security access doors. It’s also important to remember that in dangerous scenarios back-up from police or law enforcement officers may be required. Risk management and security planning should be a partnership between the security services provider, the security guards, and business management.

High Quality Security Services Are Too Expensive

There is a common myth that hiring professional security guards is unattainable for many businesses, but that simply isn’t true. A good security company will work with your requirements to tailor a security plan that will suit your needs without blowing your security budget. Investing in security is one of the best decisions you can make for your business and there is sure to be an affordable solution out there to suit your needs. 

SecurT – Your Partner in Security 

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